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What are the installation methods and steps of the heavy duty rack

2015/11/30 view:

        Storage shelves is an important pillar of the logistics activities, the quality of heavy shelves occupy an important position. Zhengzhou heavy shelves the storage shelf structure design optimization, in particular in the top of the storage shelf pull, pull back, side, bracket and the column etc. to do many of the optimal design, on the base of increasing the safety performance of the storage shelves, save the material cost, which is convenient for the installation and maintenance of the latter part of the work. Choose Zhengzhou shelf factory is the guarantee of the safety of the shelf equipment. Zhengzhou shelf in the design and manufacture and maintenance are the best in the industry. Storage shelves also have material size of the structure of the production process, the shelf surface treatment and installation, etc., which will affect the quality and use of storage shelves. Shelf installation should be based on graph construction. Shall be in accordance with the plan and the building of the axis, the edge line and elevation line, the delineation of the scope of construction. Device for anchor bolt should conform to the expansion bolt center line should be according to the diagram line expansion bolt of the bottom end to the bottom surface of the distance shall not be less than 3D, and shall not be less than 30mm; two adjacent expansion bolt center distance shall not be less than 7.5d. The expansion bolts are not used in the crack of the floor. The drilling depth can exceed the specified value 5-10mm, and the expansion bolt should be checked in time after the hole should be vertical. The components should be corrected, and the size of the components of the Zhengzhou shelf factory should be set up and put on the basis of the assembly. Vertical column can be based on the height of the column, the weight of the use of artificial (pulley, etc.), mechanical (car crane, etc.), etc., with a certain number of beams, a stable structure. According to the diagram of adjustment of the location and size of one by one supporting the installation of each plate is placed to ensure each pad group should be placed neatly smooth contact good thin placed in the middle thick put in the following, the installation beam must be two deduction shall be in place, and insert the safety pin. All fasteners shall be tightened, the bolts shall be exposed to the screw thread of the nut 2-4; the head screw is tightened, and the sink head should be embedded into the member, not exposed.