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Detailed introduction:
Working table is a special design for the assembly, production, maintenance and operation of the factory. For the various operations of operation platform, platform suitable fitter, mould, assembly, packaging, testing, maintenance, production office production purposes.
The table of the table with special treatment, with anti-corrosion, impact resistance and other characteristics, a variety of desktop options, can be used with different requirements. The configuration of the drawer, the door is convenient for users to store tools.
Anti static table
Features: surface as a green anti-static cover, impact, suction, flat. By using high strength plastic wrapping is not susceptible to damage on impact.
1, the special high quality steel plate mold and Kun rolling molding process, and through the advanced automatic electrostatic spraying surface treatment.
2, according to the user's load requirements, can choose different shapes of table legs.
3, according to the user's requirements, the table can choose a special shaped polymer fiber board, etc.. Basic desktop can choose: polymer composite desktop, fireproof board, stainless steel package surface, iron synthetic surface, the desktop of beech, oak laminate the left, anti electrostatic desktop, electric wood posts.
4, the table can be equipped with lighting racks, hangers, shelves, square hole hanging board, shutter hanging board, power supply socket, electrical boxes, boxes of parts hanging strips, etc. meet the needs of different user.
5, under the table can be matched with various types of tool cabinet, to meet the needs of the user to load goods.
6, various types of work table are the combination of design, easy to assemble and easy to assemble, durable

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